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AMEXFAL, S.A. DE C.V. is business firm focused in offering integral solutions for companies manufacturing and distributing products for animal and human usage, we help manage to easy commerce, import and export of products as well as proper delivery of services.

Our team has more than 18 years of experience in topics as being representative, dealing with regulation, foreign commerce, market studies, training and management of paperwork.

We rely on an internal QC management system that allow us to have the proper control over all the services we compromise to deliver to our clients.

Our main goal is to contribute for fast development and empowerment of our customers through services that add value to the different process in a company.


To make AMEXFAL a valued and essential link in the business model of the food and feed industry.


We shall transcend hand in hand with our customers.



Consulting in topics as sanitary regulation, foreign trade (product import and export), lobbying as your business representative before public and private agencies.




We submit all paperwork before private and public entities: Food Safe and Safety Service (SENASICA), Health Risk Prevention Federal Commission (COFEPRIS), Economy Secretariat (ECONOMIA), Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), Foreign Relations Secretariat (Relaciones Exteriores), Government Secretariat (Secretaria de Gobernación) and other agencies.


We impart Workshops and Train Seminaries as well as tailor consulting in Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, Sanitary Regulation, Design and Implementation of Integral Quality Systems under international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 22000, ICH

Field Studies

We elaborate market studies for the industry according to any company necessities, in order to provide trustable information to support decision making process.



General Director
  • Chemical Engineer with more than 16 years as Representative before public and private entities, and in sanitary regulation (participating in law, rules, final resolutions) making, commercial trade treaties, product import and export, planning, coordination and execution of forum, seminary, workshops and etc.


Human Sector Director
  • Chemical Engineer, former Director at COFEPRIS, more than 15 years of experience in Sanitary Regulations on medical, biological, biotechnology, devices and treatments and more regulated products, including food, parfum and beauty products. Good Manufacturing and distribution practice specialist, as well as Implementing and Certification of integral management systems for manufacturing and storage, Test Labs, verifying units, Clinical Research Units, Authorized Third-Persons under ISO, ICH international standards and Official Mexico Rules. Acting as representative before private and public entities, health regulation (participating in law, rule, regulations, resolutions) making.


Training Direcector
  • Zootechnics Agronomist Engineer with more than 20 years on field experience. Formation on lineal programming, computers and systems. Performed project research and development, plan and costs budgeting on products and process, machine and equipment, logistics and manufacturing, analytical lab, quality assurance and HACCP programs, technical papers design and training. Vast experience in ingredient, feed and feeding design for livestock and premix and balanced compound feed manufacturing for animals. Deep knowledge on the livestock sector and ingredient market, official regulation as well as the different safe and safety food quality verification schemes.

Ana Robert

Information Processing and Analysis.
  • Bachelor degree in Chemist Pharmacist Biologist, bilingual, has postgraduate degrees in statistics, quality and molecular biology. With more than 10 years of experience in Design and Implementation of quality management systems in ISO 9001, 17020 for sectors: medicines, medical devices, personal data protection and hydrocarbons. Extensive experience in certification before the Mexican Accreditation Entity (ema).


  • Food Industry Engineer Field specialist in Good Manufacturing Practice, HACCP and prerequisites, ISO 22000 with more than 20 years experience in Food and Feed manufacturing Industry Vast experience in training and consulting for the industry.


Veterinary Medicine Doctor.
  • Experienced in flown paperwork management summited to private and public agencies; Design, documenting and review on official paperwork templates for compliance with sanitary and health rules and regulations, trade treaty commercial conventions for products and trade brands.


Paperwork Management
  • Degree in communication, with experience and formation in graphic design and written material communication. Experienced in follow-up for paperwork management summited to private and public agencies;


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